To develop and manufacture Ciluzio, we used an innovative material with unique
innovative material with unique mechanical properties, passionately implemented by
by experienced French craftsmen.

The result: perfectly shaped pieces with unique moiré patterns, a testament to the work of man.


Made in Paris

Ciluzio's base is made of concrete and jesmonite, an eco resin composed of gypsum, water and acrylic, without solvent and without VOC.

Once mixed, all the pieces are poured one by one into a silicone mold. Once removed from the mold, the pigments are revealed by the application of an acid solution, and then the pieces are coated with beeswax, until the slightly satin finish is obtained, which will completely reveal the piece.



Made in Paris

Ciluzio's cylinders are made of jesmonite, an eco-resin composed of gypsum, water and acrylic, without solvents or VOCs.

The pigments that make up the color of the cylinders are weighed and incorporated into the liquid jesmonite.

The mixture is then poured into a silicone mold for 2 hours.

Once the piece is removed from the mold, it is coated with beeswax, in the same way as the base.




Made in Paris

The trays follow the same manufacturing process as the cylinders.

However, their shape makes the molding and demolding particularly delicate, requiring additional work with a milling cutter to manually rectify the piece at the joints of the molds.

To ensure their resistance, we have also added fiberglass, and 'reinforced' the elbow of the plate with a metal bracket, which is incorporated at the time of mixing.


Made in Poland

The globe is made of translucent white opal glass, mouth-blown in a wooden mold and then sandblasted.

Opal glass is obtained by adding lime phosphate (bone ash) and tin oxide to the molten mixture.

The result is a very high quality diffusion, homogeneous, soft, warm and enveloping, never blinding.

The manufacture of Opaline in Europe, is nowadays almost only carried out in Central Europe, Poland and Czech Republic, where talented glassmakers perpetuate their know-how.


Made in Guidel, Morbihan

The lamp body is made of steel with electrical components sourced in Europe.

Each lamp body is assembled and welded by hand.


About us

It's a story of friendship, pleasure and meetings!

2 High School friends with a passion for design who, during the 2020’s lockdown, set out to imagine a different and joyful furniture for their homes, using their complementary skills in product design, design and engineering.

This was followed by meetings with passionate French artisans, with whom they created their first object: Ciluzio.

Discover our models

* Unique piece
* Handmade in France
* Infinitely customizable


Ciluzio is made to order. Our delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order. However, it may vary depending on the order book and raw material supply lead times.

The choices of all our materials were carefully considered during the design phase. The objective was to combine sustainable and local manufacturing processes, as well as a combinaison of mixed materials: gypsum, concrete, opal crystal glass.
In detail :
The globe is in blown glass, made of opaline.
The cylinders and the plate parts are made of Jesmonite eco-resin,
The base is concrete.
Our wedging products are made from recycled materials and our boxes are also recyclable.
All our documentation is printed with recycled paper.

We guarantee Ciluzio for 2 years, in the event of breakdown, defect or breakage, not linked to misuse or external shock.
For example: if you drop the globe on the ground and it breaks, it is not covered by the warranty. On the other hand, if the one cracks on its own, without apparent shock, we will replace it immediately at our expense. This is also the case for cylinders or plates. Just send us a photo and a note to explain what happened by writing to We take care of the rest !

The pieces and trays are made in Paris. The body of the lamp is assembled near Lorient in Morbihan. The opaline globes are mouth blown in Poland.

Ciluzio is delivered as a kit. The delivery of a fully assembled product would indeed expose the product to significant damage during transport. Alternatively, delivered in wooden crate with wedging system, we would then have extremely high transport costs, which is not our will in order to be able to maintain an accessible price. Ciluzio was designed in its genesis as a modular lamp whose assembly is particularly simple and fast, within everyone's reach!

No way. Ciluzio's editing is completely instinctive. It requires no tools (not even a screwdriver!). In 5 minutes, your Ciluzio is ready to use.

Dismantling is also very simple and will allow you, if you wish, to modify the layout of your Ciluzio very easily.

Despite everything, you don't feel like a lamp fitter? No problem, if you wish, we offer you a "white glove" delivery option, including the assembly and positioning of the globe, in Paris and its Paris region. Contact us for more information.

A single person can mount Ciluzio without any difficulty. The user manual describes each step in a pictorial way to make your task easier.

All our materials have been chosen to be recyclable.
Jesmonite eco-resin is made of water, gypsum and acrylic. It does not contain solvents or VOCs. Our wedging products are made from recycled materials and our boxes are also recyclable. All our documentation is printed with recycled paper.

Jesmonite eco-resin is made of water, gypsum and acrylic. It does not contain solvents or VOCs.

Jesmonite was invented by Peter Hawkins in the early 1980s. It is a natural, gypsum mixture comprising water-based acrylic polymers. Once mixed, the material can be used to create laminated structures or castings.
This resin is categorized as eco-resin, a term used for resins that are non-toxic and water-based (no solvents, no VOC emissions). Eco-resins do not release toxic chemicals into our environment.

Determining the carbon footprint of a product is complex. We are currently working on calculating this at the manufacturing level, and we will share it as soon as it is finalized.
What we can already share with you:
The production of concrete and glass consumes a significant amount of energy at the time of production.
Nevertheless, we reduce the carbon footprint of our products thanks to:
production on a short circuit in France and Europe, which limits carbon emissions for primary transport.
The extensive use of jesmonite which, based on an abundant product such as gypsum, reduces the supply chain (unlike fiberglass or concrete)
In addition, our pre-order mode of operation avoids losses and unsold items.

Yes, Ciluzio is sustainable. Here's why :
Our products are handcrafted with a very high level of requirement, and high-end electrical components, which gives them an excellent lifespan. Our desire is that this product can accompany you as long as possible.
The simple and timeless shape of the product allows it to live harmoniously in many types of interiors
Moreover, if you get tired of the look of your product, wherever you want to coordinate it in a new room in your house, it is:
1/ possible to buy additional cylinders and trays of different colors and shapes, without having to buy a complete lamp. You can also buy the lamp bodies individually if you want to change the format.
2/ If you wish, we can also exchange parts under preferential conditions if they do not show signs of wear. Contact us here for more details.

No. Ciluzio is handcrafted. Each piece is unique. To find out more, visit our page dedicated to the manufacture of Ciluzio.

Absolutely ! For each production, the pigments composing the color of a part are weighed to the nearest hundredth of a gram then incorporated into the mixture. The diffusion of the pigment in the mold and its density – greater than the jesmonite – create variations in intensity which give Ciluzio's pieces their characteristic moiré and slight traces of color. Furthermore, from one production to another there may appear slight variations in intensity in the hues. This is the sign of the uniqueness of your Ciluzio!

Yes. Indeed during the casting of the mold, tiny air bubbles can be trapped at the bottom of the mold, despite a vibration process that we apply to each molding. It is thus the very nature of the manufacturing process by molding which generates these slight asperities.

Ciluzio is equipped with a hand dimmer (more pleasant to use than a foot dimmer) from 0 to 100 compatible with LED bulbs. This solution offers unequaled visual comfort, in particular for adjusting ambient lighting, or when using Ciluzio as a bedside lamp, for example.

Yes. Ciluzio is supplied with an E14 6 watt warm white 2700K dimmable LED bulb. When you receive your Ciluzio, it is completely ready to use.

Absolutely ! Visit our Shipping and Returns page.

Absolutely ! You are a professional, an architect, a decorator, a designer, a restaurateur, a hotelier, a space manager, an event organizer or simply an individual looking for an absolutely unique product, contact us here to present your request to us and we will respond to you as soon as possible on its feasibility and the conditions for its implementation.

We deliver Ciluzio in France and in all neighboring countries located in the European Union. For shipments outside Europe, contact us here .

Cylinders, base and trays: clean with a soft microfiber cloth to remove dust. You can use a beeswax applied with a soft cloth in order to protect and reinforce the color and the satin aspect of the parts. Dust the parts well beforehand.
Globe: Clean with a soft microfiber cloth to remove dust. You can also use detergent and soap for deep cleaning. You can also use a glass cleaner.

As standard, we manufacture Ciluzio with 220v compatible European sockets. For use abroad, where local standards are different, you can use adapters (not supplied).
On request, we can mount Ciluzio with other sockets.
Contact us here

Yes. Jesmonite and concrete are dense materials as is blown glass. Our base is deliberately heavy, in order to avoid any risk of tipping if the trays are loaded.

All our tops are reinforced with fiberglass and reinforced with a metal bracket. You can easily put phones, books, glasses, helmets, cups, trinkets of all kinds there.
According to our tests, you can deposit up to 3 kg per tray, provided that this weight is well distributed in the center
However, we strongly advise you not to grab the lamp by one of the trays to move or lift it.

Sure ! Our patented assembly and fixing system gives Ciluzio perfect rigidity, once assembled. Just make sure you have fully screwed the clamping washer which puts pressure on the cylinders and plates.
To move Ciluzio, you can slide it on the ground (it is equipped with skates), or lift it by holding the center and the base.
Be careful not to lift Ciluzio by the globe or by the trays. These could then break.

We don't recommend it. Although all Ciluzio components are suitable for outdoor use and are water resistant, this one has not been designed – electrically – for outdoor use or in a humid environment.

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